Which phone tracking app is the best?

Which phone tracking app is the best?

With years, the tracking systems  appeared, and the most know tracking systems for mobile devices right now are. The one that phone makers created to find their devices. This system is very appreciated and used, but it have a big minus from us. So let’s compare them.


Apple Tracking system

Apple have a great tracking app, that allows you to lock your smartphone if is stolen or you don’t find it anymore. The device works using the mobile internet and gps location. With just few clicks you will be able to track the location of the device, by only using the iCloud email. It’s very easy but it’s not that great. First you can’t recover your contact information. So you won’t get your messages, apps, games and all other data back from your old phone.

That why their system is not so popular. Another problem that they face, is for Jailbreak devices, this devices can’t be tracked, that why is not recommended to make those changes to your device. Apple created this system in 2009, and since that time, the number of iPhone devices that were stolen dropped a lot, as this devices are very hard to hack. If a user block an iPhone , the thief won’t be able to unlock it, they need to go at apple or another partners who have this ability.

The problem with Apple right now is the policy they use. If you don’t know, apple can track every move you make on their devices. They track your location, your interests,  your app history and many other information, this is a big problem, if a hacker will be able to hack Apple servers all your personal data will be in danger. So be careful with what information you share with your device.

Samsung Location track

Samsung is one of the biggest phone companies in the world. Right now Samsung have some problems with their released Note 7, but with the new device that will arrive this year, Galaxy S8 and Note 8 will be a changer for security and location. Samsung will introduce a new IRIS scanner that will work better than ever, with this IRIS scanner your phone will be more secure than ever. But the thing that is better now, is the location service that they added.

The new location will allow you to track the phone even if you are in the house. If your mobile device is stolen , the thief won’t be able to use the device, even if they reinstall the operating system, there are some ways to bypass that, but it’s very hard. The new tracking system from Samsung allows you to recover the information from your device like pictures and contacts, the app information won’t be able to retrieve and you need internet connection nearby. If you lose your device and you don’t have battery you can never expect to find the device again. This is a big problem ,and until now there is no phone company who searched a solution for that.

There is no backup energy in the devices for emergency, and this is a bad thing. If your device remain without battery and you don’t know where you left it , and try to find it with your device, you won’t be able. That is the problem with mobile devices, if you don’t have battery you don’t have life. You can make a phone call, you can receive messages, you can’t do anything and this is a big no. As there is no mobile maker that have a backup battery included in the device.

Those system are quite good, but none of them have the entire potential of a cell phone tracker app. With this app that we’ve created you will be able to track your phone by just using your mobile number, you don’t need internet, you don’t need anything on your device. And with the latest technology, if you install the app you can retrieve your sms, facebook messenger conversations and many other things. You can even remote block the device and if it was stolen by a thief, he will never be able to unlock it again.

How to use phone tracker?

  • Install the phone tracker app on your device, or use the online tool
  • Enter in the online platform and control everything you want from your phone.
  • Use your phone like you use it every day.
  • You can track your friends also with their phone number.
  • Enjoy using the phone tracker.


In the new phone tracker system we included one of the best futures you could ever imagine. We allow our users to track their device by using the phone number. So you will be able to track any device even if have no battery left. Our system use the same technology as the mobile carriers do to track their numbers. It was very hard for us to develop this system for public, but now we allow you to track up to five phone number / day , and you can do this for free.

Our company do not charge for systems like this and we will never charge. As we want to make it easier for our users to find their devices, friends, or family members. Our tool helped more than 100.000 people to find their mobile devices, some lost friends. And even helped to save a person from an accident. This was our proudest moment in our lives.  Right now we are working at a way to reduce the amount of time we needed to locate a device. From 2 minutes to only 30 secounds. It will be a hard moment for us . But if we succeed, nothing will be compared to our tracking system. We also work to integrate Google maps in our tracking system. So you can have access to street view, and a better location of the device.


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