Best phone tracker app

Best phone tracker app


Trying to find the very best phone tracker app on the market today – for iOS and Android devices – is a lot more challenging than most people expect it to be.

No, not because there are so few top-quality phone tracker applications out there on the market right now, but precisely because there are so many and all of them promise that they are the very best of the bunch with the most complete feature set.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of phone tracker applications out there aren’t all that hot. Many of them are pretty poor, in fact, and only work about half the time or less – if that!

Finding the best phone tracker app is a little bit of a tough task, but when you take advantage of all the tips and tricks we are able to share with you below you shouldn’t have anywhere near as difficult a time as you would have had otherwise.

Use these bits and pieces of inside information below to find a phone tracker and you’ll be good to go!

Choose a phone tracker that works with your phone operating system

cell phone tracker

This might seem like a bit of a no-brainer on the surface, but you would be absolutely stunned at the amount of people that don’t take the time to make sure that the phone tracker they have downloaded is going to be useful on the smart phone that they have – downloading iOS applications for Android devices or vice versa.


Make sure that when you are combing the Internet for the best cell phone tracker out there that you would be able to use it on your device. The overwhelming majority of time options are going to work on both iOS and Android devices, but this isn’t always the case.


Definitely look before you download!

Choose a cell phone tracker that uses cell towers and GPS


The very best phone number tracker applications out there aren’t just going to take advantage of GPS technology, but are also going to leverage modern-day cell phone tower coverage technology as well to provide a much more accurate triangulation the actual location details.


Top-notch phone tracker applications are going to use these triangulation technologies to zero in on your device even when it isn’t actively using GPS technology. The application itself can “turn on” your GPS signal from a web browser or another device linked to the tracker app, and at that point you will be able to really laser focus in on its location.


Use phone tracker software that isn’t tied to your device


The most important thing you can do when you get ready to use phone tracker software is use solutions that aren’t going to require you to have your actual device on hand – or any device on hand, for that matter – but can instead be used from any computer through any web browser.


There are a lot of phone tracker options out there that are tied to a specific ecosystem when it comes to recovery. You don’t want to have to worry about being limited to the specific devices you can use when it’s time to track your phone, especially if you believe your phone to be missing or stolen.


Independent phone number tracker technology is going to let you track your device from any other Internet enabled piece of technology. This is definitely the direction you want to go in, as it offers you almost unlimited options to track your phone down and recover it successfully.


Some of the best phone tracker app options out there are also going to “ping” their location on a periodic basis, and others still will activate the front and rear facing cameras – without alerting anyone – and snap shots to be sent back to your tracking technology so that you have the best idea of where your phone really is.



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Why Should I Use A Phone Tracker App

Why Should I Use A Phone Tracker App


A phone tracker app is an application you can download which will help you locate your phone should you ever misplace it or let you know where a loved one is, should you need to know their location. As much as people would like to believe they’d never need such a thing, there are many reasons the average consumer would be happy they’d downloaded it.

Locating Your Phone Itself


Even the most level, organized, clear-headed individuals have lost their phone at some point. It may have been as simple as falling asleep on the couch, exhausted after a long day of hard work, and the phone fell between the couch cushions. Or it could have been as serious as going out to eat and leaving your phone in the booth after you left, only to figure it out after arriving home.

No matter the reason or the severity of loss, everyone has misplaced their phone. During these times, it’s normal to often wish you had some way of tracking the phone down – a way that didn’t involve tearing apart your living room or frantically driving to every place you went in the last twenty-four hours to see if you left it there.

The cool thing is that a cell phone tracker app does just that. It finds the location of your phone for you, so you need not worry over it’s location. By checking the device’s location, you will be able to see if it is at your home, still where you accidentally left it, or has been taken by someone else.


Tracking Someone Else

There are some phone number tracker apps that will allow you to track down a person’s location. This can be handy in numerous situations. Just to give you an idea, here is a handful of situations in which tracking someone else down via a phone number tracker application would be beneficial:


-If you think your spouse is cheating on you, and you have a phone number tracking app, you are able to tell exactly where they are. If they aren’t where they said they would be, you would know your concerns are validated in some form. If they are always where they say they would be, you can rest easy knowing your suspicions are without reason.


-If you have a child, a phone tracker can help you to feel safe knowing exactly where they are at all times. This becomes particularly reassuring when children become teenagers and become more independent. And you can even see the websites that your child access and block the content that could be inapropiate for him, without him knowing that. All the blocking will be done in background and he will never find out


-Haven’t heard from a loved one in a few days and starting to worry over their wellbeing? A phone number tracker can let you know their location. And if you are really concerned you can activate the recording function and hear what the phone, hears. This is like a spy mic, you can use this function with your kids also instead of a baby bot.


-If somebody stole your cellular device, a phone tracker can give the exact location of the individual’s location. With this, you can go to the police and have them assist you in the safe return of your phone.


-If you are a business owner who supplies company phones, you can use a phone tracker application to ensure that (A) the cellular devices are being used appropriately for work, and (B) keep an eye on your employees while they are on the clock, ensuring they are doing exactly what they are supposed to at all times

-Or if you are running a track company, and want to track your trucks, without the driver knowing that , you can just install a “business phone” on those tracks, and they will never know about that. Many business owners did that, and none of the drivers are aware of that.



You can now see why a phone tracker app is something you should be using. An important quick note, however, is that you need to be certain you don’t abuse these powers. Certain uses of cell phone tracker apps, such as for stalking purposes, are against the law and punishable by either fines, jail time, or both. Use your phone number tracker application wisely, making good choices.

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Which phone tracking app is the best?

Which phone tracking app is the best?

With years, the tracking systems  appeared, and the most know tracking systems for mobile devices right now are. The one that phone makers created to find their devices. This system is very appreciated and used, but it have a big minus from us. So let’s compare them.


Apple Tracking system

Apple have a great tracking app, that allows you to lock your smartphone if is stolen or you don’t find it anymore. The device works using the mobile internet and gps location. With just few clicks you will be able to track the location of the device, by only using the iCloud email. It’s very easy but it’s not that great. First you can’t recover your contact information. So you won’t get your messages, apps, games and all other data back from your old phone.

That why their system is not so popular. Another problem that they face, is for Jailbreak devices, this devices can’t be tracked, that why is not recommended to make those changes to your device. Apple created this system in 2009, and since that time, the number of iPhone devices that were stolen dropped a lot, as this devices are very hard to hack. If a user block an iPhone , the thief won’t be able to unlock it, they need to go at apple or another partners who have this ability.

The problem with Apple right now is the policy they use. If you don’t know, apple can track every move you make on their devices. They track your location, your interests,  your app history and many other information, this is a big problem, if a hacker will be able to hack Apple servers all your personal data will be in danger. So be careful with what information you share with your device.

Samsung Location track

Samsung is one of the biggest phone companies in the world. Right now Samsung have some problems with their released Note 7, but with the new device that will arrive this year, Galaxy S8 and Note 8 will be a changer for security and location. Samsung will introduce a new IRIS scanner that will work better than ever, with this IRIS scanner your phone will be more secure than ever. But the thing that is better now, is the location service that they added.

The new location will allow you to track the phone even if you are in the house. If your mobile device is stolen , the thief won’t be able to use the device, even if they reinstall the operating system, there are some ways to bypass that, but it’s very hard. The new tracking system from Samsung allows you to recover the information from your device like pictures and contacts, the app information won’t be able to retrieve and you need internet connection nearby. If you lose your device and you don’t have battery you can never expect to find the device again. This is a big problem ,and until now there is no phone company who searched a solution for that.

There is no backup energy in the devices for emergency, and this is a bad thing. If your device remain without battery and you don’t know where you left it , and try to find it with your device, you won’t be able. That is the problem with mobile devices, if you don’t have battery you don’t have life. You can make a phone call, you can receive messages, you can’t do anything and this is a big no. As there is no mobile maker that have a backup battery included in the device.

Those system are quite good, but none of them have the entire potential of a cell phone tracker app. With this app that we’ve created you will be able to track your phone by just using your mobile number, you don’t need internet, you don’t need anything on your device. And with the latest technology, if you install the app you can retrieve your sms, facebook messenger conversations and many other things. You can even remote block the device and if it was stolen by a thief, he will never be able to unlock it again.

How to use phone tracker?

  • Install the phone tracker app on your device, or use the online tool
  • Enter in the online platform and control everything you want from your phone.
  • Use your phone like you use it every day.
  • You can track your friends also with their phone number.
  • Enjoy using the phone tracker.


In the new phone tracker system we included one of the best futures you could ever imagine. We allow our users to track their device by using the phone number. So you will be able to track any device even if have no battery left. Our system use the same technology as the mobile carriers do to track their numbers. It was very hard for us to develop this system for public, but now we allow you to track up to five phone number / day , and you can do this for free.

Our company do not charge for systems like this and we will never charge. As we want to make it easier for our users to find their devices, friends, or family members. Our tool helped more than 100.000 people to find their mobile devices, some lost friends. And even helped to save a person from an accident. This was our proudest moment in our lives.  Right now we are working at a way to reduce the amount of time we needed to locate a device. From 2 minutes to only 30 secounds. It will be a hard moment for us . But if we succeed, nothing will be compared to our tracking system. We also work to integrate Google maps in our tracking system. So you can have access to street view, and a better location of the device.


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Phone Tracker – Cell Phone Tracker [How to use]

Phone Tracker

More often than not, we are scared of a ‘big brother’ not realizing that we can be our own big brother. If you have electronics that you want to be tracked, then you are in luck. There are ranges of apps currently on the market that will do just that for you. One of the most popular apps available for Android and iOS and who works online too is the Phone Tracker. What is the Phone Tracker about, why might you want to use it, and why should you consider the phone tracker over other available services at a same or less expensive price? Let’s answer these questions and more.

Phone Tracker

With this kind of access, you have incredible power over knowing not only where the phone is, but also what the person with the phone is doing. There are countless applications where this may be useful. Before we get into the various uses of Phone Tracker, you should know that using Phone Tracker is free. In addition, it more recently became available on the iOS operating system as well, making it incredibly versatile. If you are interested in installing the application on more than one phone, then you can also upgrade from a free account to a paid account. Providing an even wider range of services at an affordable rate, either form of the app can be exactly what you need when you are trying to figure out what a person is up to as they are using your phone. For a full range of what you can do, please go to the Phone Tracker website. There, extended lists of their features are provided for you to look through.

Why Would I Want To Use A Phone Tracker?

Wait, isn’t a cell phone tracker an invasion of privacy?  Not at all!  A phone tracker is another tool.  Just as a baseball bat can be used as a part of a fun game and also as a weapon of destruction, so too can Phone Tracker.  If you are interested in learning more about the range of uses for Phone Tracker, then keep reading.


  1. Track Your Phone If It Is Lost

As we began this article with a sobering reminder of just how many cell phones are stolen, having a way to track the phone may be your only way to not only find the phone but also get back everything that you lost. In addition, when you consider the amount of people who lose their phone accidently ( a far higher number than those lost per day due to theft) then you can fully appreciate just how many phones go missing in a single day.

By tracking your phone if it is lost with Phone Tracker, you can get up to the moment updates regard the position of the phone. If a person is using the phone to call other people, then you will have a record of the numbers called. In addition, you will be able to look through the texts as well as searches done through the existing apps on your phone. While the tracker can always be turned off, there are settings that make this incredibly difficult unless you are the rightful owner of the phone.

Ultimately, by using Phone Tracker, you can locate your stolen property, get it back, and punish the person responsible for taking it in the first place. Just ask any person who has done this and they will tell you just how satisfying it is to arrest the person who stole it in the first place. Phone Tracker can help you do just that. An incredibly useful tool and your best friend in case of theft, being your own ‘big brother’ may be exactly what you need to safeguard your investment.

  1. Follow Your Kids And Keep Them Safe

Did you know that one out of every four students report being bullied in a given year? Did you know that the majority of those who are bullied do not report to parents, or adults that they are getting bullied? Were you aware that bullying, as well as a series of other related factors, leads thousands of children to kill themselves every year? Like it or not, bullying is a very real psychological and physical problem that our children have to deal with. Technology has only made it more difficult to keep our kids safe.

As parents and guardians, the safety of our children is our responsibility. Sometimes this means invading their privacy to keep them safe in a technological world that is constantly changing around us. Phone Tracker can provide you this service. Phone Tracker can record the texts your child receives and sends, can record their location, and all the searches they do when on the phone. Consider Phone Tracker your best tool for making sure that your child is doing well. Along with providing the information for you to be informed if your child is being bullied, Phone Tracker can also be used to make sure your child is paying attention to the rules laid down when they are staying with you. Phone Tracker can keep your kids honest, letting you know incase they break rules regarding where they are allowed to go and how late they are allowed to stay up to.

The last thing any parent wants is for their child to be suffering. Phone Tracker helps prevent this suffering before it gets out of hand, preventing a lot of the damage that would otherwise occur to a child who is being bullied or targeted by other people. Whether it is annoying classmates or predators, Phone Tracker can be your best friends. While you may not need a ‘big brother’ watching over your back, your child certainly does. Fulfill your obligation to have them grow up healthy and strong by protecting and monitoring their phone use.

  1. Track Aging Parents or Friends Who Need Care

Simply put, aging is a part of life. When we get older, we lose a lot of our faculties and require additional levels of care and attention over time. While this can be incredibly challenging for everyone involved, it is none-the-less important to carefully consider. Utilizing a tool like Phone Tracker can help extend the independence of a friend or aging member of your family. It can be used by you to track their location and find them incase they are not responding. It can be used to make sure they are not spending too much, or to make sure that they have not fallen prey to someone looking to take advantage of them.

Phone Tracker can be used along with other apps to ensure that your loved one is completely covered and that emergency response can come if and when they need help. It can help you rest easy at night knowing that your loved one is ok, and limits any amount of worry that would otherwise occur. It allows your parent or loved one to maintain their independence, prolonging their health and stopping a spiral into depression or anxiety that comes with losing that independence. No matter what way you look at it, our aging friends and family need support and can benefit from a ‘big brother.’ Use Phone Tracker and be there for the people in your life.

  1. Spy!

While Cell Phone Tracker does not recommend spying, it is a definite use. In order to spy on a person, you will have to get the app onto their phone, install it, and set it up correctly. In addition, know that the app will be clearly visible on their phone and that as the owner of the phone, they have the ability to get rid of it if/when they want it. If the app is on a phone that you are using and you lend it to another person, then there is less grey area when it comes to whether or not the act is morally reprehensible. Either way, there are a number of reasons why you may want to spy on someone. Whether it is revenge, curiosity, or any number of other motivations, be careful and don’t be creepy.

Cell Phone Tracker

Why Should I Consider Phone Tracker Over Other Services?


Providing the above services and more, Phone Tracker can be an indispensible tool. However, many different tracking apps can do the same thing. So, what sets Phone Tracker above the competition and worthy of your time? Good question?

First, Phone Tracker is amazingly fast and easy to install. In addition, it is free of charge, which makes it great for checking out the features that it has to provide. Compatibility with over 90% for Android smartphones as well as compatibility with the iOS operating system means that it will work on almost every smart phone out there. When combined with its easy installation and operation, you will be able to install this app on every portable device you have in a way that is easier than when using competing apps. Why have 5 different apps for 5 different portable devices when you can have one app for everything? In addition to these features, you get everything discussed before, including incoming and dialed phones, text messages, and Internet browsing history. Finally, you have easy access to all of this information provided online through their website. Simple, straightforward, and practical, Phone Tracker has managed to be an incredibly useful tool that has benefited tens of thousands of users. Here is a study about Cellular Detection that may answer at some of your questions.

Where Does This Leave Us?

Don’t become a statistic. Instead, become your own ‘Big Brother.’ In a point of history where everyone and anyone is trying to track what you do on your phone, why not take ownership over this information yourself? With countless applications and innumerable benefits, getting Phone Tracker may just be one of the smartest app decision you make. If you are interested in learning more about Phone Tracker, then contact the company or review their website. You will find additional information on functionality, use, and what is included when you upgrade your plan from free to paid. So take the chance today and see if Phone Tracker is right for you.

Phone number tracker in 2017?

With the lunch of the new mobile devices, that right now are more secure than ever, there are still thieves who try to steal them. In that case we will got you cover this year also, as we did in the past years. We are now working at a new tracking technology to reduce the time to track a mobile device, if is stolen or misplaced. We’ve made our tool even easier.

How to use phone number tracker in 5 easy steps ?

  • Insert your mobile phone or iMEI in our phone detection platform.
  • Wait 3 minutes so our tracker can find your device
  • Use our platform to track the device, you can track messages and apps also.
  • After finding your mobile device, don’t forget to close the platform.
  • Enjoy your recovered device!


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